Professional Experience Reflection – Week 2

Well here I am at Hanoi airport once again. On my way home after 4 weeks of work. For the first time in many years my plane has been significantly delayed and I may not get home until late tomorrow evening. So a good opportunity to reflect on week 2 of professional experience.

Actually this week was fairly light on when it came to incorporating ICTs in training. With the exception of some videos to highlight the dangers of using multimeters which were incorporated in a presentation that I created, that was pretty much it. Mind you the videos did clearly demonstrate what could happen with a multimeter if it is used incorrectly. So the trainees were suitably impressed.

Most of the remainder of the week was used to assess competency for five of our trainees who completed the Electrical Drawing Introduction course the previous week. We did review some part of my screen casts from the previous week so I think that probably counts as using ICTs but definitely not rich in ICT interaction for the learners. 

The realities of keeping a plant running and trying to assess trainees as well really struck home during this week. On reflection my assessing could have incorporated ICTs in the assessment process but the difficulties with the language and having to translate nearly everything as well as the lack of access to computers for the trainees makes this a long process that will take more than a couple of weeks to complete. It is how ever something I would like to achieve in the future. 


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