Wow this is the third time I have tried to write and post this post. WordPress didn’t like something I did and then Google Chrome kept crashing. Hope I can post it this time.
Whilst researching for Assignment 3 in EDC3100 I found this blog by Amy Harrington, Esq. Rethinking Education: Self-Directed Learning Fits the Digital Age and found many of her points resonated with my own thinking, Although about schooling,many of her comments and thoughts are equally true for adult education. You might find the blog interesting also Christina .

Amy makes some valid points about education today including her points about standards based education and “teaching to the test” and the fact that this is not encouraging students to become self-directed learners. She states “True learning is intrinsically motivated and the reward is knowledge”. Becoming a self-directed learner rewards you with the knowledge you seek.

An interesting read if you get the chance.


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