Connectivism at Work – 3

Two days before my professional experience was to commence I was able to give the same tasks to the trainees of the third crew as I had done previously for the other two crews. The results were little different from the previous results with all trainees returning me only half the information I had tasked them with. 

Further explanation the next day did not result in the answers I was looking for and it was apparent that little collaboration was occurring amongst the crew. I further clarified to them what the task entailed and informed them that they could talk to each other about the information I was asking them to get for me. From the results returned to me I could see that two of the trainees had collaborated but the other three had not. Most disappointingly was the fact that they still had not obtained all the information I was seeking.

Due to these poor results I decided to change my first week of lessons for professional experience so that I could provide this crew with the skills required to properly read our electrical drawings. More about this in my next post.


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