Professional Experience – What a week

My professional experience week hasn’t started quite as expected. Training is only a part of my job so having to juggle supervisory work with training is generally not a problem but I was hoping to spend a bit more time on the training side. Unfortunately that has not been the case. 

The first few days were taken up with a project that required me to be in attendance with the workers nearly constantly and the next 2 days we experienced power outages which made doing training with ICT’s impossible. I have at least developed my training modules and am ready to go. Although today I found out our “training room” computer does not have a sound card in it. Which really didn’t matter because there are no spare speakers to connect to the computer anyway.

Luckily I have my trusty notebook with me and we work on the weekend. So I have now tested my notebook with the data projector and there is enough sound coming from the notebook for all to hear my screen casts and videos. I have my first lesson scheduled for tomorrow morning and will hopefully be back on track after the weekend.


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