Connectivism at Work – 2

Here I am at Hanoi Airport again on my way home after my 28 day roster. A bit tired but looking forward to getting home. Assignment 2 is handed in and I have started reviewing work for Assignment 3.

So I tried my little experiment with the second crew of trainees the other day. They were given exactly the same tasks to complete as the first crew of trainees. The first attempt by the second crew provided similar results as the first crew with all of the trainees coming back to me with only half the information.

On the following day I gave the trainees the same clarification as I did with the previous crew of trainees and was quite surprised to see that the information returned to me was in the most part what I wanted to see. I also noted that some of the information returned to me had been presented in a similar manner.

The following day I asked the trainees to join me in the switch room and go through the process they used to find the answers to my task questions but more importantly find about the collaboration that obviously had taken place to give such similar answers. They thought they were in trouble but I then explained that this was what we needed to see more of, people sharing their knowledge to help others and of course the company benefiting from the use of that knowledge.

In the main this group of trainees collaborated much better than the last and it will be interesting to see how the third group of trainees go in collaborating with each other to bring me the information I am asking them to find for me.

That will have to wait for a couple of weeks as I have some much earned time off with my wife and children. 


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