ICT’s in apprenticeships

I noticed in Mark’s recent post titled Assignment 2 how much ICT’s have changed the way apprentices are taught and I assume how they are also assessed. Taking the fear of trigonometry and geometry out of the learning process I think is a good thing but something I have some trepidation about. I take it they still need to show competence in some way how to do the calculations manually. What happens when the batteries run flat on the smart phone??

A couple of years ago I noticed in Cert III electrical exams that many of the formulae used for electrical calculations are now given on the assessment coversheet. At the time I thought it took something away from being an electrician but then on reflection I have come to realise how little I have used many of the formula I was required to memorise as an apprentice, many of which are used in specialised applications. And of course all readily available on the intranet these days.





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