Connectivism at work

A couple of days ago I gave four of our trainees a task to perform. They had to go to a substation each and find some details of equipment for me. They all returned to my office in about 30 minutes and all only had only half the information. 

Yesterday I explained a little more about the task they had to perform and how they could find some of the information I was asking them to get for me. Off they went again and all came back in about 30 minutes. This time one of the trainees came back with all of the details I had asked for. The other 3 all had some details missing. Obviously none of them had discussed what I wanted with each other.

Today I got them together and asked them why they didn’t discuss the task with each other before going off and doing it and why they didn’t discuss after they got the information. Apparently because I didn’t say they could collaborate with each other they assumed that they couldn’t. So I asked the trainee who got all the details correct to explain to the others how he had obtained the information and was pleasantly surprised that he had cross referenced three different sources of information. With their new knowledge the other three trainers were able to complete the task successfully.

There is a new crew starting work tomorrow and I plan to run the same exercise with the trainees on the crew. I wonder if the out going crew will pass anything on to the on coming crew?


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