Google advanced search to the rescue

The other night we had a breakdown on a piece of equipment at my work site in Vietnam. It was during night shift and after finally finding the fault code in the manual it informed me to go to another manual. After looking through our electronic copies of the different manuals for this particular piece of equipment and not having any joy I decided it was time to Google for an answer.

At first I tried the normal Google search but had little joy finding what I was looking for then I remembered that David jones had provided a link to this site How to Search Google Like a Pro: 11 Tricks You Have to Know Using these tips I narrowed down my search and found the manual I was looking for. I was then able to locate the fault but ran out of time to complete the repairs as it was shift change. I handed over to dayshift who completed the repairs and put the equipment back on line.

So thanks David for another tool in my tool belt.


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