Being an Effective Educator

I have been catching up on some of the blogs I am following and came across this (7 habits of Highly Ineffective Educators) posted by Mark Laity and it started me thinking and reflecting on my own practices as an educator.

Having been brought up in the traditional schooling and apprenticeship systems it is difficult to adopt many of the new systems and processes that are now being used for training. But then, I also see the need for change (Catch 22?). If we look at a traditional apprenticeship the breadth of learning required can be quite large. For many apprentices they will probably never use some of what they learn at TAFE or policlinic. So I see why many companies and businesses are preferring to train to skill sets and be specific in what is trained so apprentices or trainees can better meet the needs of the company.

Incorporating ICT’s into training can lead to more effective trainers as they free up time to assist those that are having difficulty learning the material, give options to training participants that suit their learning style and can be used to facilitate peer to peer learning.



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