Electrical Trades UpSkilling Program

Very little formal training has been conducted for our Vietnamese electrical tradesmen and trainees and it has been identified that there is a lack of knowledge and skills in some areas of their work. The Up Skilling program for our electrical tradesmen and trainees is based on the needs of the department and provides an opportunity for formal training of our staff. Where possible the training has been aligned to UEE11 – Electrotechnology Training Package.

This 5 week program has 5 learning areas which include;

  • Low Voltage Rescue (no alignment to UEE11),
  • In service appliance testing (Testing and Tagging) of electrical appliances (aligned to UEENEEE009B – Comply with scheduled and preventative maintenance program processes)
  • Disconnect & Reconnect Low Voltage (LV) Equipment (aligned to UEENEEG105A – Verify compliance and functionality of low voltage general electrical installations)
  • Testing of new Electrical Installations (aligned to UEENEEG132A – Carry out low voltage electrical field testing and report findings)
  • High Voltage (HV) Operator and Isolator (aligned to UEENEEG034B – Perform high voltage field switching to a given schedule)

The following learning outcomes are expected from this training program;

  • Participants will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of safe working practices by conducting risk assessment of the work to be undertaken and employing agreed methods to reduce any risks
  • Participants will understand why test and tag of appliances is undertaken, will be able to distinguish the difference between Class I & Class II appliances and how to perform the required testing of these electrical appliances manually and electronically using a Portable Appliance Tester
  • Participants will be able to maintain and install electrical installations to site standards ensuring equipment is safe for use by operations personnel
  • Participants will understand the dangers associated with high voltage switching and be able to demonstrate appropriate safety precautions to be used when operating high voltage switch gear. Further to this they will be able to develop a high voltage switching program.
  • In all modules participants will be able to complete the required site paperwork for the task being undertaken.

The assessment criteria for these 5 modules are formative and summative assessment for both the theory and practical components of the assessment.


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