Assignment 1 EDC3100 Complete

Well, I have finally managed to complete my contribution for Assignment 1 of EDC3100.

Glad I was on R&R this week as it gave me time to complete all my work for the assignment.  Thanks also to my son Joshua who gave me some pointers on Movie Maker software. It certainly took much longer than I expected but it has been interesting putting it all together. Including the software crashes!!

I have produced a video and it is called ICT’s and Adult Learning  It states my 3 reasons for incorporating ICT’s into training packages and what they will be and is actually aimed at my manager as I don’t have to worry about parents being interested in ICT’s in training. 

Good luck everyone.



3 thoughts on “Assignment 1 EDC3100 Complete

  1. Hi Brad, really enjoyed your video, its amazing what technology and a few of learning about ICT’s! I liked how you included different learning styles in your video, and that everyone learns differently (audio,kinestic etc) and that we have to continually think of the needs of the learner. Something I believe that we do more of in vocational education than schools as we have a more practical component to learning.
    Well done.

    1. Thanks Christina – Yes the practical component adds a different dimension to the learning. I have seen some of my trainees really struggle with the theory due to LLN but then absolutely blitz it when it came to the practical component.

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