National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER)

Thanks Mark Laity for reacquainting me with the NVCER website through your post Week 3 on 22nd March. This site is one I have used previously for obtaining information on current research and I believe last time I used it I was looking for information on assessing course participants.

One of the latest research projects to be released is titled “Refining models and approaches in continuing education and training” and the following description of the report gives some insight into what workers feel are the best methods for on going education for themselves and managers perspective of what they think is best for their workers. 

“Interviews with workers and managers show differences in preferred models of training, depending on the purpose of the training. When the purpose is to remain current and employable, to advance careers or to bring about workplace change, then workplace and practice-based models are the most valued. However, when the purpose is to secure employment or change jobs then educational institution-based models are more favoured. This is the second report coming out of a three-year program of research which aims to investigate how the tertiary education and training system might best be organised to maintain the employability of workers across their working lives.




One thought on “National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER)

  1. Hi Brad, I get the NCVER emails weekly, some I just end up deleting but most I find interesting. How are you going with ass 1? Im still figuring out what to do?

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