Intel Skoool – Australia

Intel Skoool – Australia

That’s no typo in the heading. That is the name of the web site and although aimed at school students and the Australian Curriculum it still has some pretty good resources for those in the trades areas of the VET sector.

The electrical resources appear to be extremely useful for those developing training programs for trainees or apprentices although probably limited to those in their first year. Intel Skoool Australia claims to provide “interactive student learning resources focusing on maths and science, aligned to the Australian Curriculum”. From what I have seen in the electrical resource area it does just that! 

The opportunity to develop basic circuits and gain understanding in the relationship between voltage, current and resistance is the building blocks of the electrical trade so it is a great starting point for first year trainees or apprentices. I like the fact that most of the resources cater for all learning styles in the VAK (Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic) learning style model and that there is opportunity to assess your understanding of what you have just learnt.



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