VET Community Blogs

VET Community Blogs

I am finally at Hanoi airport after 30 days straight of 12 hour shifts. A bit tired and ready for a decent sleep, which I doubt will happen tonight as I fly first to Singapore then to Brisbane. Then a 2 hour bus trip home. I wish I had a $1 for every how I have spent in airports over the last 20 years. Anyhow I thought I would take the time to produce a blog or 2 whilst I am waiting the 3+ hours for my plane to depart.

The URL will take you to the Innovation and Business Skills Australia web site and their blog page. If all has worked OK you should find an annotation next to Ways to stay current as a VET teacher/trainer. As with everything keeping current takes up a lot of time and I am sure that most of you (VET’s that is) just like me are, are finding a lot of the ICT’s we have been introduced to over the last 2 weeks time consuming to set up and use. But I am up for the challenge as I can see the benefits that our training participants can get from  participating in training that has been ICT enriched.



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