Learning so much but unsure of how it all fits together!

Hello Christina,
Here’s a little thing I have found called Reblog. So let’s see how this works…..
Earlier I sent you a comment on the post above expressing my own observations about the time it is also taking me to get through the learning material. Every time I start a new page it takes me on to something else that I find interesting and this then takes up more of my time. It’s like being a kid in a candy store.
But getting back to David’s minute paper where would you put this in Kirkpatrick’s level’s of evaluation model?
For me I see it between learning and moving into behaviour.
Cheers – Brad


Week 2 has ended and I’m still stuck on week 2 tasks. Not sure of how much  time I am supposed to allocate to this each day but I am finding I am running out of time! So much to learn and so little time. I am slowly getting through each task and finding some extremely interesting sites to use for my current teaching of adults but also for when I do my prac. I especially liked the minute paper from David this week, I think that would work really well with my adult classes. 

I will get through everything but just not sure how it all fits yet!

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2 thoughts on “Learning so much but unsure of how it all fits together!

  1. Hi Brad, interesting about the reblog! Not sure how to do that yet either! yes I know how you feel about being in a candy store. I am finding bits everywhere and cant get it together yet. Trying to get a group of us in VET together to discuss stuff, should we be doing that in Feedle? Any suggestions

    1. Hi Chris,
      I check Feedly regularly for updated blogs from the VET students but don’t see a lot happening. I have also added everyone to my follow list within WordPress. So I suppose if people aren’t blogging they won’t really see what is going on tin the group.
      The other way might be to use our student e-mail accounts?
      BTW what are you doing for your artefact for Assignment 1? I am thinking of a video but might try an an Infographic…..

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