The wonders of Evernote

The wonders of Evernote

I am finally coming to terms with this new technology stuff.

Evernote – what a fantastic tool! To be able to sync between my work computer, my note book and my mobile phone is making my life much easier. No more having to download to a thumb drive or portable drive and waiting for it to open in the next device. I’m sure I don’t know all the features and having the time to find out what else it can do is a bit difficult with all the other new technology I am also trying to learn to use. It is in my things to do later list – which is in Evernote!

I just wish I could get that Diigo going in a way that I can use as easily as Evernote…..


2 thoughts on “The wonders of Evernote

  1. G’day Brad, Glad you’re getting some value out of Evernote. On the question of Diigo (and given you interest in Evernote) I did a quick Google “diigo and evernote” which reveals a host of interesting links that might help you think about the two.

    One of the reasons I did this was wondering whether or not a mad keen Evernote user would even need Diigo? No answer on that.

    Of course, for EDC3100 you’d miss out on the course Diigo group.

    In theory, Diigo has extensions that you can install on all of your devices, somewhat like Evernote.

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      I have finally managed to get Diigo downloaded properly. Still trying to work out all the tools it has and how to use them. I at least managed to download to the EDC3100 forum. Maybe not in the same format as others but since then I have found another way to do it.
      I have found that using Chrome rather IE has helped with the set up of several of the tools you have pointed us to so that might be a tip for those that are having trouble loading them onto their computers.

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