ICT’s – My love hate relationship

ICT’s love to hate me. It used to be printers but I think blog administration might now have taken over! Why are there 3 different areas for help? Three different sections for settings?

I think after 4 days of trying I have finally sorted this blog out (slow learner obviously).

I have just been reading Struggle Means Learning: Difference in Eastern and Western Cultures by Alix Spiegel writing on the work of Jim Stigler. You’ll find it in our week 1 work here http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2012/11/struggle-means-learning-difference-in-eastern-and-western-cultures/

    “if struggle indicates strength — an ability to face down the challenges that inevitably occur when you are trying to learn something — you’re more willing to accept it”. I hope the struggle is worth it??




One thought on “ICT’s – My love hate relationship

  1. Hi Brad,
    I have finally found the VET blogs, yours looks great. I am certainly struggling with all of this, but I’m feeling the strength. Finding a lot of the info school-based in the course content, so have been trying to find similar concepts in our context. How are you travelling ?

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